Get Straight Teeth and an Attractive Smile with the Best “Invisible” Aligners for Adults with Baum Orthodontic Aligners

Do you want perfectly straight teeth for an attractive smile but don’t want to wear traditional “metal braces?”

Baum Orthodontic Aligners (BOA) are “invisible” clear aligners which make them nearly unnoticeable while you’re wearing them. Plus, they’re more comfortable than traditional metal braces. They’ll align your teeth faster, shortening your treatment time. The end result is straight teeth and an attractive smile in less time.

Advantages of BOA:

  • They are truly clear aligners making them nearly invisible so they’re almost unnoticeable while you’re wearing them.
  • They are thinner which makes them much more comfortable for you to wear than other aligner techniques.
  • Treatment time is shorter – our in-house dental lab will have them ready in just a few days instead of 6 weeks or more.
  • Treatment costs are considerably less than other aligner techniques
  • The aligners are better fitting which produces better orthodontic results for straighter teeth and a more attractive smile.
  • Our aligners are clinically proven. We have successfully treated thousands of patients with this invisible orthodontic technique. See our smile gallery for real results based on real patient progress, not on a computer’s virtual prediction.

BOA are clear aligners that use a series of clear, removable custom-made aligners to straighten your teeth.

The process begins with your initial consultation. This helps us determine if BOA are right for you. We will devise a treatment plan and make impressions of your teeth. Our in-house dental lab then constructs your custom made aligners and in one day and your aligners will be ready for you to wear. Each set of aligners is worn for about four weeks and then replaced by the next set in the series. This process continues until optimum tooth position is attained and your new smile emerges. It is that simple!

The Baum Orthodontics Aligners Advantage (BOA):

  • BOA eliminates the need for the traditional metal brackets, wires and bulky retainers of the past. In addition to meeting the aesthetic demands of today’s patients, BOA provides exceptional prospects for long-term clinical success because they are biologically-based.
  • The BOA are different from other clear aligners in that its aligners are not prefabricated, based on a virtual prediction, but rather are created in our office based on a patient’s individual treatment progress. Dr. Bradley Baum explains, “BOA does not use a series of aligners based on virtual tooth movements. If each aligner in the series of a virtually based aligner technique does not precisely track a patient’s progress, each subsequent aligner will gradually be further off in its ability to properly align the teeth.”

How Long Does Treatment Take?

  • Treatment typically takes between six months and a year – about the same amount of time as conventional braces, without the appearance of metal braces. With Baum Orthodontic Aligners you’ll spend less time in our office and more time smiling.

Why People Choose Baum Orthodontists in Los Angeles for their Invisible Clear Aligners

  • Dramatic results that will improve your smile. Visit our smile gallery to see how Baum Orthodontic Aligners are transforming our patients’ smiles and how we can improve your smile too!
  • Experience Matters – Baum orthodontists have more than 60 years of continuous experience with thousands of completed orthodontic cases!  Baum Orthodontics is dedicated to providing you with the most advanced and attentive care available to align your teeth for a beautiful smile.
  • Affordable financing to ensure your dental braces fit your budget.
  • Two convenient locations and convenient appointments during weekdays and even Saturday.

What are the Costs of Baum Orthodontic Aligners?

  • The price of our invisible clear aligners is a great value and our affordable financing options will help you get the smile of your dreams.
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